Get Your Comments Approved

Blog commenting can be an immense technique to drive traffic if it is done properly. It also helps you to build back links to your website.

Choose Related Topic Do-Follow Blogs
If you have a blog or website relating to a certain topic, get blog about that same topic. You will find the blogger looking to learn and interact about the same topic. This is a great way to increase visitors and to develop your reputation.

Importance of Do-follow High PR blogs
This is really important to understand the difference of high page rank and low page rank links. Mostly the high PR blogs are not interested in getting links from new 0, 1 or 2 PR blogs. Try to get links from high page rank do-follow blogs or sites but not under estimate the low page rank blogs. Post comment on all do-follow blogs which are related with yours blog topic. In my previous article I explained the power of high quality back links by providing a chart which shows the difference. Click here to the chart…

Leave a Question
After reading the complete post tries to leave a nice question about the blog post. It may convince the webmaster that you are interested in the topic and want to learn some thing more. In respond he may approve your comment and will happy to leave a reply of your question.

Monitor your Comments and Consistently Comments on Blogs.
Always remember if a site approved your comments then revisit and submit more comments on regular basis. Returning to blogs to re-comments is also promoting the use of do-follow plugins and it keeps blogger glad. It also helps you in gaining additional do-follow blogs and more link juice in future. Comments only approves if you post a related and non-spammy comments. Just look for the domain or page you are using as your comment URL and then look at the incoming links. You can also download the seo quake plugins for quick view of site parameters in the search engine results pages.
Post Comments and Ping Blogs.
One more legal technique which I think is a great way to get your comments approved is to try pinging post on do-follow blogs by linking to them. The link to your post will come into view as a comment on their post if track-backs are enabled. This will give their post reliability, plus a new and fresh link and they might be happy to approve your comment.
All the above tips may work if you post relevant and quality comments to do-follow blogs.