On Page optimization

Page optimization always makes a web page search engine friendly. On page optimization is basically the process of creating pages of high quality. After the selection of keywords apply them in Title tag, Meta tag and in your written content as search engines crawler can find your site easily.

Keyword Search:
Keywords and phrases will be most beneficial to optimize and naturally incorporate on each page of your website. Search engine optimization does not need to be complicated. It is important that you select more specific key words rather then the general key words to place your website on top place in Google, yahoo and Bing search engines. Lots of people are using company name in the page title which is not right technique.  The correct technique is to use keywords in the page title and also implement this technique to all pages.

Keyword Selection:
Pick the most relevant keyword phrases for each page of your website, based on the content on each page. For complete optimization of keywords you should use 3-5 keywords on related pages. For better search engine result place your keywords closer to the top left. It is better to choose the keywords before your site gone live. In order to optimize your page you should think like a person who is searching. Before the selection of keywords always check the competition.

Competition is also very important part of search engine optimization strategy. When ever you start searching key words for your site always see the competition of the selected keywords. The maximum competition is 1 if you select a keyword that has maximum competition then the chances to become on top page in search engines are less not impossible but it takes time. If you select keyword that has less competition then the chances are very bright to come up and take a place on top page.

Title Tag:
Title tags are as important as keyword search and selection. Title tags are the representing the whole idea of a website describing that the site is what is about. So always write the attractive title for each web page using keywords. Search engine spider highly consider your title tag when ever crawl your site. Use keywords in title tag and in Meta tag although Google does not consider Meta tag anymore but other search engines still do. Optimize each page individually as optimize your home page.

Link Optimization
Every website will have both external and internal links. Internal links are the links between the pages of your website and external links refers to other sites. Always establish and set links of your website properly and set them on right places. Avoid unnecessary and irrelevant links as it may harm your reputation.

Image Optimization
As images are speech less and without text therefore Search Engines cannot read images. Search engines can only read text it is important that you use some special tags. Alternate Text is the text that describes your image. This text should be meaningful and relevant to the subject of your site. You can use the keywords as alternate text. Some time browser is unable to display the image, and then it will display this text when the user moves his mouse over the image. The second phase is just as important for every website in every industry. To really do well long-term every website needs back links to increase page rank and need to build relevant incoming links from many different sources to  increase visitors. The second phase of seo approach is as follows