Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is the most important part of the seo campaign and you have to do it technically right. Below are few proven techniques of off page optimization.

 Importance of Back Links:
For those of you new in seo field may not much familiar with back linking techniques and also wondering why they are important. A back link is a link which directs other to your site. Back links shows the popularity of a website. Search engines provide page rank to those sites that has quality back links. Natural link building is a great way to obtain high page rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Directories Submission: 
 To submit your blog or website to web directories first you have to select the web directories which suits your blog or website. There is a stream of web directories; most of the directories are general. In general directories you should submit your blog in appropriate category. It is very important that the web directories are SEO friendly otherwise it’s the waste of time. I strongly recommend the manual submission as there is in fact no alternative to manual directory submission. If you purchase software for automated submission just because to submit hundreds of directories in short time then it may cause a penalty. Submission to all the directories doesn’t guarantee a top position ranking on the search engines. Always do manual submission for Quality resources. The search engine spider detects the incoming links of your site and also the source of those links.

Social Book marking:
In know day’s social book marking is a great way to build back links. Through social book marking you can send your favorite websites to your friends, family and love ones. Mostly social book marking sites contain different categories like technology, business, news and politics and make sure that you select and submit your web address in appropriate category. Social news sites like dig and propeller focusing on articles and blog post.  Some of the automated social books marking services are not properly done their work so it is important to always submit the URL manually.

Article Writing and Submission:
Article writing is a great way of getting back links.  It doesn’t cost a single penny, as you don’t have to spend money to do this. All you need are some well written and unique articles. If you have a site that contains informative contents and well written reviews then there is possibility that your articles will get high page rank in search engines. Articles must be informative, well written and also related to your website. I suggest you to write at least three articles a month and then re-write at least once. Now you will get 1 + 1 = 2 articles on same topics and totally you get 6 articles on three different topics. Submit your articles to at least 50-100 article directories you will get 300-600 back links but remember don’t try to submit at once. Always include a resource box at the end.

Blog Directory:
Blogging has now become the most important part of the SEO campaign and is one of the most reliable ways of linking. Mostly bloggers tend to use their blog to earn money. Blogs are updated on regular basis Try to update your blog on regular basis, publish some interesting and unique contents, news, images or movies and be sure that all these items related to your blog. Visit some other blogs and place comments on them or link to them from your blog. Make sure that you have a quality blog that people will want to link back to you. There is always a possibility of getting quality links that works. You will get more traffic and quality links by submitting your blog in blog directories and search engines. These search engines and directories are truly reliable. Most of the blog directories required registration. You can also check the page rank before submission in blog directories as there might be some variations occurs with the passage of time.

Blog Commenting
Blogging has now become the most important part of the SEO campaign and is one of the most reliable ways of linking. When you are commenting on other people’s blog try to be positive. Negative response or attitude will push people away from you. If your comments are not relevant to the blog post then it seems to be spamming. To build good relation ships always interacts on other people’s blogs within your industry. People would love to see your comments if you consistently place comments on their blogs. Blog commenting is a time consuming process but it is helpful to gain some useful back links and traffic to your website. If you are not commenting on other people blogs then utilize this form of marketing otherwise you are losing out traffic and search engine ranking. So keep commenting on other blogs and leave positive comments then you will find that people will return the favor. Commenting is a nice way to build back links and back links are a huge way to rank your contents in search engines. Mostly Google ignored the no follow blogs but at the same time other search engines like Yahoo and Bing still follow these tags. Posting in high page rank no follow blogs still benefits your site. Your first goal is to gain a rank from search engines after getting a rank from Google then it’s easy to get high ranked back links.

Forum Discussion: 
 An on line discussion where forum members can post there massages are called forums. Post need approval from moderator before it become visible. Normally forums need registration from people to become the registered member. Posts are a user submitted massage and thread is a collection of posts. Forums are a great source of gaining knowledge from other people and also the place to provide information to other people on certain topic. Always register in forums of your interest for example if you are doing a seo work then register your self in seo forums. Never copy the contents from any other website to post in forums. Start posting the contents when you know that the contents are well written.

Reciprocal linking or Link Exchange:
webmaster link to another site as they have same kind of services and they in turn link to your site is called a link exchange. This is another way to gain back links but always exchange link with trustworthy site. Remember one way links are better to obtain.

Video Submission:
 Video submission is a great way to increase traffic and ranking of your website. You can also upload your video on you-tube to promote your business and to gain high page rank in search engines.
In know days social book marking is a great way to build back links. Below you will find a list of 32 high page rank social book marking sites. These websites are completely free get listed know to improve your page rank and traffic rank with the minimum effort.