Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Basics

1- On Page Optimization
On page optimization always makes a web page search engine friendly. On page optimization is basically the process of creating pages of high quality. After the selection of keywords apply them in Title tag, Meta tag and in your written content as search engines crawler can find your site easily.

keyword Search: 
Keywords and phrases will be most beneficial to optimize and naturally incorporate on each page of your website. Search engine optimization does not need to be complicated. It is important that you select more specific key words  rather then the general key words to place your website on top place in Google, yahoo and Bing search engines. Lots of people are using company name in the page title which is not right technique.  The correct technique is to use keywords in the page title and also implement this technique to all pages.

Keyword Selection: 
Pick the most relevant keyword phrases for each page of your website, based on the content on each page. For complete optimization of keywords you should use 3-5 keywords on related pages. For better search engine result place your keywords closer to the top left. It is better to choose the keywords before your site gone live. In order to optimize your page you should think like a person who is searching. Before the selection of keywords always check the competition.

Competition is also very important part of search engine optimization strategy. When ever you start searching key words for your site always see the competition of the selected keywords. The maximum competition is 1 if you select a keyword that has maximum competition then the chances to become on top page in search engines are less not impossible but it takes time. If you select keyword that has less competition then the chances are very bright to come up and take a place on top page. Click to read full article... 
 2-   Off Page Optimization
 When it comes to position, everybody knows that off page optimization is the key to obtain visitors.
Below are few proven techniques of off page optimization. 
Importance of Back Links:
                   For those of you new in seo field may not much familiar with back linking techniques and also wondering why they are important. A back link is a link which directs other to your site. Back links shows the popularity of a website. Search engines provide page rank to those sites that has quality back links. Natural link building is a great way to obtain high page rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

 Directories Submission:  
                  To submit your blog or website to web directories first you have to select the web directories which suits your blog or website. There is a stream of web directories; most of the directories are general. In general directories you should submit your blog in appropriate category. It is very important that the web directories are SEO friendly otherwise it’s the waste of time. I strongly recommend the manual submission as there is in fact no alternative to manual directory submission. If you purchase software for automated submission just because to submit hundreds of directories in short time then it may cause a penalty. Submission to all the directories doesn’t guarantee a top position ranking on the search engines. Always do manual submission for Quality resources. The search engine spider detects the incoming links of your site and also the source of those links.

Social Book marking:
                   In know day’s social book marking is a great way to build back links. Through social book marking you can send your favorite websites to your friends, family and love ones. Mostly social book marking sites contain different categories like technology, business, news and politics and make sure that you select and submit your web address in appropriate category. Click to read full article
3-  Tips for Off-Page Optimization
       Following are some useful off-page optimization techniques to get better website search  engine ranking:
Keywords in Incoming Links:
The anchor text should contain important keywords.

Quantity and Quality of Incoming Links:
A large quantity of incoming links is an indicator of popularity or fame of a website. Search engines make use of the quantity of inward or incoming links to award better ranking to further popular. But search engines worth the quality of links more then the quantity. Don’t try to get the links in short time of period do your seo work slowly and gradually. Try to increase the amount of links gradually, rather than getting them all at once. The steady attainment of links appears more natural to search engines. 

Quality Content:
This is the most important part that you must have quality contents in your website. The contents are well written and easy to understand also having relevancy with the website. Use the keywords in your site mostly preferred in first paragraph. Always use the main keyword in your first or second line of the first paragraph.Click to read full article
4- Get Your Comments Approved
Blog commenting can be an immense technique to drive traffic if it is done properly. It also helps you to build back-links to your website.
Choose Related Topic Do-Follow Blogs
If you have a blog or website relating to a certain topic, get blog about that same topic. You will find the bloggers looking to learn and interact about the same topic. This is a great way to increase visitors and to develop your reputation.

Importance of Do-follow High PR blogs
This is really important to understand the difference of high page rank and low page rank links. Mostly the high PR blogs are not interested in getting links from new 0, 1 or 2 PR blogs. Try to get links from high page rank do-follow blogs or sites but not under estimate the low page rank blogs. Post comment on all do-follow blogs which are related with yours blog topic. In my previous article I explained the power of high quality back links by providing a chart which shows the difference. 

 Monitor your Comments and Consistently Comments on Blogs.
Always remember if a site approved your comments then revisit and submit more comments on regular basis. Returning to blogs to re-comments is also promoting the use of do-follow plugins and it keeps blogger glad. It also helps you in gaining additional do-follow blogs and more link juice in future. Comments only approves if you post a related and non-spammy comments. Just look for the domain or page you are using as your comment URL and then look at the incoming links. You can also download the seo quake plugins for quick view of site parameters in the search engine results pages.
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